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SASAKKI & Luna Silk

Written by Sonya Miller


Posted on April 08 2019



If you aren't a hairstylist- maybe you know one who may be interested in this post! Send them this way, I would love to meet the special stylist in your life  who makes you look and feel beautiful!


In this blog I want to talk to you about everything that makes our work

  • of the highest quality that we can produce/achieve
  • most rewarding for both ourselves and our clients
  • offer information/access to the safest, healthiest options for ourselves and our clients (this has become more and more important to me over the years as I have seen how hard hairdressing can be on our bodies- from the functionality of our tools to the health effects of the chemicals we use)
  • the absolute best quality products I have experienced first hand
  • products that last and withstand the test of time- let's stop spending our hard earned money on products that end up in landfills far too soon

My goal is to tell you about products that meet all of the above criteria and are also affordable to us- we are all reminded every year at tax time how much we spend on the tools needed to do our jobs well. I would say most stylist spend at the very least, 40% of their income on supplies... let's work together to BOTH make more money and create better results for our clients. I have a strong personal conviction, as a brand and fellow Hairstylist, to promote products thats will stand the test of time, deliver the features that are promised, compliment our skill as artists, and support less waste. Subscribe to stay up to date on all of my posts.  

So, without further ado- let's get on with it! 

Many of you know, I have been working behind the chair for over 20+ years now.

During this time I have owned many pairs of professional haircutting shears. I hate to admit this, but many of them fell short of my expectations...I cringe, while openly admitting to you that almost every single pair of scissors I have bought over the years- far too quickly turned into the pair I would end up using to cut the tip off a perm solution bottle or for cutting up a waxing strip to the perfect size for an eyebrow wax.

Gosh, I hate admitting that...and geez, what a disappointment! I KNOW when I made many of those purchases I WANTED to end up loving the various brands I bought. We all want to be excited about our work, but there is nothing exciting about spending money on tools that seem good at first, but end up being the "junk scissors" we use to cut everything in the salon but hair. 

Now, to be fair- there are a LOT of great scissor companies our there. I certainly have not tried every single scissor to be offered in the hairdressing world and I appreciate what many of the salon tool companies have done to support and evolve our industry.
In fact, theres a huge possibility you already have a "personal favorite" scissor in your arsenal of tools...but have you heard of and/or tried Sasakki? 
I HAVE and I'm super excited to tell you about it!


For the past several months, I have had a ton of correspondence with the amazing people at SASAKKI Scissors. We have gotten to know each other during this time. I have had the opportunity to learn about their company values, their history, their craftsmanship, and passion for the our industry. They were eager to learn about my company Luna Silk and the passion that dwells inside of me for our industry as well. Many many emails, phone calls, and video chats later- we agreed that we should collaborate- I have so much to share with you!

What I have learned about SASAKKI is far too much for a single post, so you can expect to hear more  about SASAKKI from me as time goes on. 


When the staff at SASAKKI told me that their scissors were designed to have excellent cutting ability with minimal power, I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical based on my past experiences with other hairdressing scissors.

Well, I am not kidding when I tell you, that every time I pick up a pair of these SASAKKI scissors, I am both absolutely thrilled and mindblown at the same time. 


The first closing of the scissors I performed into a section of hair.... felt like the scissor was cutting AIR, not HAIR.... AIR.
Have you ever considered what it feels like to cut HAIR without the H?
(I hadn't either until that very moment- ha!) 


Well, let me tell feels like  a slice of heaven.



Zero effort on these hands to cut PERFECTLY...every-single close of the scissor

INCLUDING the Texturing Scissors pictured above

(those are mine that I use everyday- don't be jealous- I can help you get a pair :-) 

You know, hindsight, I didn't even realize I was using effort to cut with my scissors before!

Speaking of texturizing scissors: How many of you have experienced drag while using texturing scissors- don't worry about raising your hands-I can't see you and I know you know what I'm talking about! ;-) 

ZERO DRAG while using the SASAKKI Texturizing Scissor! NONE.

 If you are, what we like to call, "young" in your Hairdressing career....and there is one impression I,  as a seasoned fellow stylist,  can leave on is this:

Invest in yourself by taking care of the health of your body/hands- I can't say it enough to my fellow stylists- take care of you - our job is harder that we often realize on our bodies and because our industry doesn't offer (most of us) some of the wonderful perks of traditional employment (such as retirement and health insurance for example) we need to choose wisely the tools we use day in and day out. We need to take care of our bodies and minds. I wish I had obtained this knowledge earlier in may career. 

We all know that seeing is believing and many companies make claims that are never quite meet our expectations, but with SASAKKI scissors in my hand, I've actually found myself- mid-haircut-  shaking my head in disbelief at how beautifully they cut and how great they feel in my hand. So much so, that I've felt the need on numerous occasions to explain what is going on in my head, to the client in my chair, when I've realized they are witnessing the display of my personal amazement/joy in the mirror in front of them. 


SASAKKI Scissors are honestly unbelievable

 My haircuts have NEVER looked so beautiful and I know my clients will see a difference, not only with the end result of their haircut, but also between cuts at how much healthier their ends look between appointments.

Something I really want to share with you, is that i found SASAKKI to be a company who takes great pride in their craftsmanship.

 Their scissors are made in a high quality control environment with v10 Stainless Steel.

Some of you know that outside of working as a hairstylist, I also have a degree in Fine Art with a concentration in Sculpture.  I would argue that in some ways my background and experience in the "critiquing process" we have to go through in Art school (to become better at our craft) has created within me a more critical view of what superior craftsmanship really is. Hairdressing IS sculpture really, this is especially true when cutting Hair Extensions since we are essentially carving a style rather than using a system of guides to create balance...

Hairdressing isn't just a job or career, it's an art form, it's a gift, it's a passion- protect it.

Alright, I'll step down from my soapbox now and tell you more about this great company :-)

I stand behind my recommendation of SASAKKI 100%, in every avenue of their business, that I have experienced so far - from the quality of their product to their customer service.

SASAKKI has been in business since 1977.

That's longer than I have been alive!

(my apologies, but I couldn't resist an opportunity to make myself seem young- smile, wink, wink)

That is over 40 years of production know-how!

Their factory is ran by second generation artisans that take GREAT pride in their work.  Of the 20 factories, in Korea, providing Haircutting Scissors, they are ranked #1 in sales and technology. 

SASAKKI Beauty scissors are made by the hands of skilled artisans using state of the art equipment in order to manufacture excellent products. Their scissor are made to last 10 YEARS. 

I'm going to be honest with you- so far, what i've tried of SASAKKI scissors, are their base model scissors and they have surpassed my expectation by a long shot.
They not only cut like a dream, but they also feel very light and comfortable in my hand.
I can't even imagine what their higher end scissors feel like.
I haven't even told you one of the best perks...all of their scissors are both economical and  AFFORDABLE. 
For those looking for a scissor with a bit of glamour as well, check out their Damascus Scissors.

I must have these!!!!


Their Damascus Scissors also feature a special bearing system exclusive to SASAKKI.

The process of making these scissors and their special features deserve a post all of it's own (stay tuned for that in the future).

Im gonna step back up on my soapbox for just another moment...

As I have grown older the things that matter to me have changed, it concerns me a great deal that as Americans we seem to be living what I call a "culture of disposable consumption." I feel like we buy products that are the most advertised and purchase blindly without doing research. Or purchase what is easily accessible/convenient. I am 100% guilty of having done this myself many times as I told you about earlier in this post. It's just what seems to happen when we do not live/buy with intention. We must be mindful that many modern products are not created to stand the test of time and we end up disposing of them rather quickly then move on to purchase the next "new" trend. It is wise to do your research, ask your peers for feedback/recommendations, and buy tools that will showcase your skills. 

Just a recap- because I know I have told you so much: 

SASAKKI offers Excellent Durability
• Scissors are made to last more than 10 years.
• The blade is made of high quality material that does not damage the
hair or cuticle while cutting or thinning.
• The base material is strengthened to withstand accidental drops,
thereby lessening the damage
• Scissors are product of technical excellence.

SASAKKI offers Great Value for your money
• Tired of buying new scissors every year? Invest in SASAKKI scissors.
• Long term financial savings

If you have questions that were not addressed in this post or are interested in purchasing some of these great scissors, please contact me via email at or by calling (800) 364-8649 

I am happy to facilitate any way I can! Thanks for spending this time with me- I know how busy life can be!

Sonya Miller 

CEO Luna Silk Hair Extensions & Hair Stylist