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Luna Silk, Inc. is proud to be the EXCLUSIVE distributor of SASAKK Scissors for the United States! 

Why should you buy SASAKKI?


  • SASAKKI scissors are made from Japanese V10 Stainless Steel and made to last 10 years or more.
  • They are SHARP! SASAKKI scissors cut and slice with remarkable precision. 
  • All Sasakki scissors are made at the SASAKKI Scissors Factory in Busan, South Korea where they specialize in hairdressing scissor production.
  • Established in 1977, the SASAKKI scissor factory is run by second generation artisans who are very proud of working with experts and company management for many year. 
  • SASAKKI is ranked 1st in sales and technology and is the largest production factory out of the 20 scissor factories in Korea. 
  • SASAKKI beauty scissors are made by the hands of skilled artisans in a conducive production environment using state of the art equipment.