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About Luna Silk

Luna Silk believes that the Salon Industry belongs to licensed professionals. Over the past 20 years or so, salon products have been diverted out of the hands of professional and onto the shelves of big box stores.

This not only discredits our position as professionals but reduces income that should be distributed among salons, spas, and beauty professionals. 

Luna Silk was born as a Hair Extension company back in 2015 and continues to  evolve as our vision to bring you something more has expanded. At Luna Silk, we want to help beauty professionals take back their industry by making available, what we call, “Salon Exclusive Support Products”. It is our mission to choose products that support income both behind the chair and in your salon’s retail area. Due to the exclusivity of our products and to ensure they are not diverted to outside sources, we require you to provide us with your licensing information, as well as, sign a non-diversion contract before gaining access to our site and/or ordering products from us. We work hard, hand picking, the best quality salon products we can provide to salons across the globe. 

Luna Silk looks forward to establishing a future with you, where clients are prescribed tailored professional products that meet their needs and support the work and future income of salon professionals.