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Who are We?


Hair Extensions changed my life. 

I know, it sounds silly, it's just hair....but it's really so much more than that!

Yes, that's me...Sonya Miller, owner & CEO of Luna Silk Hair Extensions. I haven't cut my hair in about 6 years. I've never had naturally "good hair". I've tried all different kinds of products, supplements, diets, fads, you name it, over the years. Having been in the Salon Industry for over 20 years, I have had access to the best! Nothing I have tried has really seemed to work. I wore my hair short all through my late teens and 20s because anything longer than a short bob just looked a mess. In my early 30s I finally tried out Hair Extensions for myself and thought "why did it take me SO LONG to try this"?!? I felt INSTA-sexy, beautiful, and more confident than before. I remember the salon owner I worked for at the time, told me that there was a new sway in my hips, that I didn't have before. I had awakened that part on my femininity that had longed for long flowing locks that I could never grow on my own, no matter how hard I tried. Day in and day out of styling clients with gorgeous hair & I finally could have what they did!


Everywhere I go, someone tells me what gorgeous hair I have! Do I share my secret? Sometimes. Other times I just enjoy the compliment I used to think I would never receive. 

As we age, the growth cycle of our hair shortens and according to research, 40% of women suffer from male pattern baldness by the time they go thorough menopause (hello bangs!!!)

I've used a lot of different brands of Professional Hair Extensions over the years- Luna Silk is a culmination of everything I always wanted in a line of products and I am insanely passionate about it. There is nothing I enjoy more than receiving a selfie of a woman wearing Luna Silk Hair Extensions or working behind the chair installing a full head of long hair on a woman who had never been able to grow it...or those who don't have the patience to. 

We searched high and low for the best Virgin European/Russian Hair we could find, so we could make it available to you. I personally test marketed Luna Silk for several years and our customer repurchase rate is absolutely remarkable. On average, when taken care of properly with professional products, generally lasts between 6-12 months. 

This is serious hair for serious women, you won't believe how great our hair will not only make you/your clients look, but also how wonderful it will make you/them feel. I can't wait for you to try Luna Silk Hair Extensions! 

-Sonya Miller

CEO Luna Silk Hair Extensions