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Here at Luna Silk, we believe in bringing you professional tools that will not only help you achieve the desired results, but will also stand the test of time. 

We have met many stylists who spend about $99 on a cheap pair of scissors, use them for about a year and then throw them out and buy another set.

At Luna Silk, we believe that your scissors should be on par with your career status. Professional chefs do not use plastic cutlery, so why would professional hairstylists use sub-par shears?

Sasakki Scissors are constructed on of 100% high quality V10 Stainless Steel and are made to last 10 years.

The proprietary sharp edge of Sasakki Shears does not damage the hair upon closing, nor is the hair pushed to the side, clients notice the difference. We have experienced this first hand. 

Sasakki Scissors are made by second generation artisans in a highly conducive environment that is ranked 1st in technology and sales in Korea. 

Buy Sasakki and give your clients the cut they deserve